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Even more fun!

When you hear the word “Casino”, what comes to mind? You probably imagine the people everywhere, the mix of tension and excitement, the richly colored table felts… and the sounds! Why not add that dimension to your casino event!

Background sound, casino soundtrack

Our sound offerings begin with Casino Background music. It will remind you of that lounge band you hear playing, over beyond the slot machines. The music is pre-selected, a variety of upbeat and fun tunes playing unattended. (You give us guidelines on what music to include.)
Plus we include a Casino Soundtrack, so you also hear the call of dealers, the noises of various slot machines and the clatter of chips – all combined with the cheering and laughter of your guests! Best of all, the package includes a couple of fun “chip bonus” opportunities, to get everyone up and moving.

Sing and Win Karaoke

Are some of your guests the kind of folks who want to “be part of the show”? Then, add Karaoke to your Casino! Our partners at Onstage Entertainment bring the system with thousands of tunes, ready for solo performances and sing-alongs. Many of the dealers will join right in. You can even provide bonus opportunities for your performers.

DJ and Dancing

Of course, we also provide full DJ systems for you to enjoy during and after the games. Make your requests, and get your dance groove on! The DJ can also offer chip-bonus opportunities during game time. Or combine the background system during the games, with DJ dancing afterwards, for a complete and unforgettable event.

Photo Station

What will your guests take with them to remember their Casino Night? Fun memories, of course, and some will get a prize. But a photo-memory will bring a smile to their faces for months!

You have two main options. The enclosed Photo Booth has room for a small number of guests to get silly in front of the camera. The Open Station can accommodate larger groups together, and utilizes Green Screen technology.

That means that your photo station can feature any theme, to tie in with your event plan. Whether you are doing Vegas glitz, or some other gaming-setting, we can provide your guests a selection of backgrounds for their photos. The Bellagio fountains or Caesar’s Palace? An old-west Saloon, a 20’s Speakeasy, a Mississippi Riverboat? The list goes on and on.
AND in addition to the themed backgrounds, we bring a selection of costume props that your guests can choose to personalize their picture.

Our photographer will snap and print the pictures right there — with a layout and caption of your choosing. Plus you’ll get a CD of all the photos after the event, for use in your internal communications; and we’ll create a web page with the pictures, if you want, where all the guests can view them.

Game Shows

Many groups like to provide their guests multiple diversions — in addition to the casino games and music, they have sections for Bingo and/or Game Shows! We have done multiple different styles and formats — from quick “pop up” game challenges, to full tournaments with lots of guests competing. Check out our Game Show information page (and the list of available games) by clicking HERE … then contact us to design the perfect event for your guests.